• ​​​Australasian College of Rural and Remote Medicine CPD Accredited
  • American Association of Continuing Medical Education Diploma​  
  • ​DipROM Articulation Units approved (UK)

rmp tRAINING accreditation

Phase II – Combines lectures, hands-on skills labs (including tissue labs), and realistic field exercises in the jungle, hills, rivers, and caves found at our training center, and actual patient care in a small third world hospital or other facilities arranged in South East Asia/Middle East to comply with phase II requirements. This phase consists of 30 days in a remote location. It can be broken down into two 2 week blocks.
Fee:TBA (30 day block or 2 x 2 weeks) depending upon Remote Clinic location
Australia-Indonesia-Java-Papua or other location...by arrangementDates: TBA..or later date depending upon candidates

To be registered as a Remote Medical Practitioner....​Requirements for this course are:
You must be a:
- Medical Doctor- Physician Assistant- Nurse Practitioner- Paramedic
- Other Medical Professional with prior approval with pre hospital care skills with atleast 3 years pre hospital care training and skills experience.   
You must have:
- A strong comprehension of both spoken & written English
- A desire to learn, share, teach, and do
- Strong team work skills & the ability to function in a disciplined environment
- Reasonable physical and mental conditioning
- A clear understanding that this program teaches remote & operational medicine via teaching and performing in third world hospitals, clinics, and challenging environmental settings
- A clear understanding that this is a selection process to meet accepted international standards and that successful completion of the program and ultimate certification is not automatic, but entirely dependent on your meeting all standards and demonstrating the appropriate mindset required


​​Phase I – This Phase is based on USSOCOM’s Advanced Tactical Practitioner program. At the completion of this program you will have expanded your trauma knowledge well beyond that of a street paramedic or any other ‘Tactical Medicine’ course, as well as gaining the skills to manage the most common remote environmental & team medical conditions. This phase is taught mostly through distance learning .


about us

International Society of Remote Medical Practitioners is  unique ...The RMP Training Program teaches the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to provide the finest extended and primary medical care possible in remote and difficult settings rather than in a first world, urban, sanitized settings.
The program is not for everyone. You are challenged a little physically, a lot mentally and spiritually. At times you are tired, hungry, in the dark, in rivers, in caves, in the jungle, bug bit, covered in mud, soaking wet, cut and scraped, pushed to your limit, pushed past your limits and discovering new limits!